The dark months are no reason not to go for people who go anyway.

    Direction & Production: Malte Staupendahl
    Rider: Anton Wünscher
    Music: Koto by Odesza

    A shortfilm called hafen (harbor) about a relationship between two people which is increasingly restricting the closer they come each other. They can neither with nor without each other... and things get straitened.
    Team: Malte Staupendahl, Alexander Glowinski, Julian Zatloukal
    Actors: Elsa Atzler, Till Weigl
    Music: Mouse on mars - Tankpark. Boards of canada - Slow this bird down
  • LEAF

    A short film about the personal dealing with the crisis in the world.
    Everyone knows the feeling to have enough. Only crisis around. Just want to get out, get rid of the information, get in something of your own .... whatever
    Createt within three days in le risak // france - a very small village with a lot of beechwood around. The Film won "Das Blumen" shortfilm award 2011.

    Team:Malte Staupendahl, Angelique Röhrbronn, Julian Zatloukal, Laura Fondacaro, Alexander Glowinski (+Actor), Laura Lüngen
    Music: The ink spots - I don't want to set the world on fire